Sunday, September 13, 2015

Card Of The Week September 13

I went to a Washington Nationals game a few weeks back and my daughter and I were walking along the concourse looking for our seats when we encountered a Japanese woman walkig in the opposite direction wearing a Tokyo Yakult Swallows jersey.  I called out "Go Swallows!"  which caused her to stop and blurt out in surprise "You know the Swallows?".  I talked to her for a minute or so, babbling something about being a big fan of Japanese baseball and having gone to Jingu Stadium once but between the noise of the ballpark and my tendency to talk fast, she probably didn't understand a word I said.  But it was yet another opportunity to embarrass my teen age daughter in public so at least I enjoyed it.

Specifically the young woman was wearing a Shingo Kawabata jersey - uniform number five.  He originally wore number 36 his first couple seasons with Yakult.  Here's his rookie card from the 2006 BBM 1st Version set (#359):

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