Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 Super Star Baseball Season 2

I received a box of unopened packs of the latest offering from Duael Entertainment - the Super Star Baseball Season 2 set featuring players from the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

Unopened Box

Opened Box

Like the Season 1 set earlier this year, the box contains 20 packs.  Each pack contains six cards - four "regular" cards, one short print or special card and one sticker.

The set has 171 possible cards plus 100 stickers.  There are three varieties of "special cards" - 70 "Super Auto" cards (autographed cards), 10 "Super Patch" cards (patch cards obviously) and 30 "Super Piece" cards (jersey cards).  All of these cards are serially numbered.  There are four varieties of short print cards - 10 "Superstar" cards, 20 "Big Star" cards and 30 "All Star" cards.  The "All Star" cards have a serially numbered parallel version (with a "wave pattern hologram" finish).  There is also a serially numbered card (to 400) dedicated to Seung Yuop Lee's 400th career home run.  Finally there are 50 cards (five per team) in the base set.

Here's the breakdown of the 100 cards that I got in the box:
80 base set cards - 41 singles plus 39 duplicates
3 Superstar cards
5 Big Star cards
12 All Star cards (including one parallel version)
20 stickers - 17 singles plus three duplicates

The short print cards use the same designs as the Season 1 short print cards did:

#SBC1502-025-SS (Jae-Won Lee)

#SBC1502-041-BS (Jae-Ho Kim)

#SBC1502-070-AS (Sung-Min Hong)

The parallel "All Star" card I got was #408 of a possible 430.

#SBC1502-077-AS (Eun-Beom Song)
I was pretty disappointed with only getting 41 of the 50 base set cards in the box.  What's really odd is the distribution of the cards that I'm missing - I didn't get any of the five Doosan cards.

I was also irritated that when opening one of the packs by tearing on the notch in the wrapper provided by the company, I ripped one of the base cards.  Luckily (although not surprisingly) it was a card I had multiple copies of.  I got a lot more careful opening the packs after that.

Like the short print cards, the base set uses the same design as the Season 1 base set:

#SBC1502-087-N (U-Ram Moon)

#SBC1502-092-N (Ho-Joon Lee)

#SBC1502-100-N (Chan-Heon Joeng)

#SBC1502-120-N (Hong-Ku Lee)

#SBC1502-129-N (Moo-Keun Cho)
The stickers are blank backed and unnumbered.  They feature an inner square that is intended to be separated from the "wooden" frame and stuck somewhere.  My disappointment with the box continued when I ended up with three doubles in the 20 stickers in the box.

The only cards with the player's name in English are the "Big Star" cards and the stickers.  I determined the names of the players from the official KBO website.  I do not know if there is an English language checklist on-line anywhere.  I don't see one in any of the usual places.  I may try to put one together myself.

Once again there are no foreign players in the set.

I pretty much feel the same way towards this set as I did for the Season 1 set - it's interesting but I'm not invested into the KBO enough that I'm willing to make the effort in time or money to pick up any more of the short printed cards (let along the memorabilia ones).  I'd like to get the nine cards I need to complete the base set and that'll be it.  I do think this is an improvement over the Season 1 set however.


Jason Presley said...

I really wish they would sort out the issue with foreign players. It would go a long way toward helping fill out the sets and ease the volume of duplicates in every box.

Jason Presley said...

Season 2 checklist has been posted to and The sticker checklist will be up soon. With 100 stickers, they expect fans to buy a LOT of packs to complete a set!

yeuxdebleu said...

Dave, send me the list of the 9 base cards you need.

yeuxdebleu said...

Direct Link to KBO 2015 Season 2