Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This is my first ever attempt to do a post from my iPad at 36,000 feet via Southwest's wifi so forgive me if I make more mistakes than normal...

BBM has updated their website again with some of their upcoming releases so I thought I would take the chance to get caught up.

- First of all, I need to correct something I said a few weeks back.  I had mentioned that there was a Tigers Authentic Edition set coming out that only featured pitchers.  That's not exactly accurate.  Actually there IS a box set called Tigers Authentic Edition that BBM released last week that only features pitchers.  But it is subtitled "Pitchers Version".  By that name, you might assume that there is going to be a "Batters Version" as well and you would be correct in that assumption.  Like the Pitchers set, the Batters set contains 18 cards in the base set plus some sort of autograph or memorabilia card.  The box set will be out in mid-September.

- BBM is releasing two other team box sets in the near future.  Sky High is the second box set BBM has done for the Fighters this year after last spring's Horizon.  Like the previous set, this one will contain 28 cards - 27 in the base set and one either autograph or memorabilia card.  The other set is the Buffaloes Autographed Edition which is subtitled "Bs Soul".  It too contains 28 cards - one autographed card to go with the 27 card base set.  Both sets will be released in late September.

- BBM is doing yet another cheerleader/dance squad set.  The Hippy Hippy Shake box set features the Cheer Dragons, the cheer team for the Chunichi Dragons.  It is a 44 card set with a base set of 42 cards plus two special cards although I'm not clear on what the special cards are.  I think that there is also a "raw photo" included I think is a simple photograph that may have some graphics written on it. It will hit the stores in mid-September.

- There's nothing on their website about it yet but BBM will be releasing a 25th Anniversary set in October.  There aren't a lot of details available but it looks like it will have 189 cards in the base set and will have four six card insert sets.  The base set will have 180 "regular" cards (I assume that's 15 per team) along with nine "Great Record and Highlight" cards.  I assume there will be various parallel, autograph and memorabilia cards available as well.

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