Sunday, February 28, 2016

Box Breaks From Jay

I've been meaning to get to this for a bit but life has had other plans (as usual).  Jay Shelton has picked up a couple unopened boxes recently and sent me photos and statistics.

First up is a "light pack" box from the 2003 BBM 1st Version set.  I've talked about the "Light Pack" boxes a bit in the past but in a nutshell they are packs with half the number of cards than the regular packs at an MSRP of half the price.  In the case of the 2003 1st Version set, the packs contained 5 cards at a price of 100 yen a pack rather than the standard 10 cards for 200 yen a pack.  The "Light Pack" boxes contained only a subset of the base set (only the player cards and the Leader subset) and none of the parallels, insert cards or memorabilia cards available in the "standard" boxes, but there were parallels and insert cards that were only found in the "Light Pack" boxes.  For the 2003 1st Version set, 60 of the player cards had "kira" parallels and all the Leader subset cards have a "silver" parallel.  There was also a 2 card "MVP" insert set featuring the 2002 MVPs (Hideki Matsui and Alex Cabrera).  (More details and examples can be seen here).

The box contained 20 packs total.  As I mentioned above, each pack had five cards.  Of those five cards, one of them was either a "kira" card or a "silver" Leader card.  I'm not sure that any non-"silver" Leader cards were actually available in the boxes.  So there's 100 cards in the box.  Jay got 88 unique cards plus 12 doubles.  Of the 88 cards, 70 were player cards, nine were "kira" parallels and nine were "silver" Leader cards.  Of the 12 doubles, one was a "silver" Leader card, one was a "kira" parallel and the rest were regular cards.

Here's Jay's photos of the box:

Jay also opened a "Light Pack" box of the 2003 BBM 2nd Version set.  This one had 20 packs containing four cards each (BBM had cut the number of cards in their "standard" packs to 9 for this set - it would go to eight in 2004).  Like before, one of the cards would be a "special" card.  The "Light Pack" boxes again only contained a subset of the base set (the player cards) and parallel versions of the "Opening Game" and "Record Achievement" inserts.  None of the parallels, inserts (other than the parallel versions) or memorabilia cards from the "standard" boxes were available in them.  Once again 60 of the player cards had "kira" parallels and once again there was a two card "MVP" insert set.  (And again there are more details here.)

Of the 80 cards in the box, Jay got 75 unique cards - 57 player cards, 12 "kira" parallels, five "Opening Game" cards and one "Record Achievement" card.  Two of the five duplicates were "kira" cards (and actually were the same card!).  Here's some photos that he sent:

The final box Jay opened was from one of the 2011 Bandai Owners League sets.  I think that Bandai issues four of these sets a year.  The 2010 ones were labeled 01-04, the 2011 ones were labeled 05-08, etc.  This is from the set labeled "06" so I think it was the second one issued in 2011.  There were 20 3 card packs in the box for a total of 60 cards.  Of those 60 cards, Jay got 58 unique cards.  There were 144 cards in the set but some of them are short printed.  There are at least two different types of short print - "Star" and "Super Star".  Of the 58 unique cards Jay got, 49 were "regular" card, five were "Star" cards and four were "Super Star" cards.  The "regular" cards could have either a black or white border - I don't know if there's some significance to that.

Here's Jay's photos:

Thanks for the information and pictures Jay!

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