Sunday, February 21, 2016

Card Of The Week February 21

I'm slowly trying to catch up on everything so that I can do the next "Uniform History" post (next up is the Orix Buffaloes) but I am also trying to back-fill some of the earlier posts when I discover or get a card that shows a uniform that I didn't cover before.  I just realized that I should be paying more attention to BBM's high end sets as they occasionally will have cards using uniforms that didn't show up in other issues.  For example in 2011 the Hanshin Tigers used a "turn-back-the-clock" uniform for a number of games (it may have been the "Great Central" promotion where all the Central League teams wore retro uniforms but I'm not sure).  I didn't include this uniform when I did my post on the Tigers' uniforms since I didn't have a card showing it.  On Ebay recently I came across a Matt Murton card from the 2011 BBM Touch The Game set (#072) that showed the uniform and snatched it up.  Here's the card (and I've already updated the Tigers post with it):

I need to go back and check all the high end issues and see if any of the other uniforms I didn't have coverage for are represented there.

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