Sunday, February 7, 2016

Four New Sets From Four Different Companies

A couple new sets have been announced recently from a couple different companies.

- BBM is releasing their annual Rookie Edition set next week.  This is a pack based set that has 129 cards in the base set - 117 cards for the 2016 draft picks, two cards that show all the draft picks and 12 "Then & Now" cards.  There are two insert sets - a 12 card "Next Generation" set and a two card "Rookie Of The Year" set.  There will also be facsimile parallel versions of the draft pick cards and the usual assorted autographed cards - all apparently of OB players.

- Epoch is releasing yet another ultra high end set in conjunction with the OB Club.  This one is called "Sayanora Home Run" and it's being sold in boxes of five cards for 16,200 yen (~$130).  Each box contains five cards - 2 cards from the base set, a "hologram" signed card (that I think is a parallel to the base set) and two autographed cards.  There are 27 cards in the base set.  The set appears to celebrate famous walk-off home runs, including Yutaka Enatsu's that ended the extra inning no-hitter he threw in 1973.  The set will be out on March 19th.

- There is an odd set for the Fighters that is being released by a company that I think is called AI.  It features nine members of the Fighters in street clothes rather than their uniforms.  It's a pack based set with 57 cards in the base set, 18 "special" cards and two "rare" cards - I don't think that in this case the "special" cards are necessarily autograph or memorabilia cards.  The set will be released on April 23rd.

- The latest KBO set was released last month.  It's called the 2015-16 Gold Version set and looks very similar to last year's Blue Edition.  I haven't seen an English translation of the set information but it looks like there's a total of 327 possible cards in the set although only about 100 or so are not short prints.  There are 10 extremely rare (1 of 1) "Super Book" cards that feature both an autograph and a piece of memorabila (patch?) for a player.  There are 14 die cut "Players Choice Award" cards that feature autographs.  There are 40 different memorabilia cards - 10 patch cards, 10 dual jersey cards (jerseys from two different players on the card) and 20 jersey cards - along with 100 autograph cards.  There are 18 cards that I think are some sort of "Record Holder" cards that I think are short printed.  Each card is numbered to either 60, 200 or 500.  There are 45 "Top Ranker" (essentially Leader) cards and 50 "normal" cards (which have a "gold" parallel version).  The set is available via Gmarket.  I used this listing to gather the information shared here (which may not be 100% accurate).


Jason Presley said...

For what it's worth, the CPBL released it's 2014 CPBL Player of the Year set back in December. They only just recently started posting the scans to their blog, so I still don't have a complete checklist yet. So far only cards 001-251 have been posted. That may be the entire base set.

yeuxdebleu said...

I'm just starting it but look here.. the Gold is the most updated.