Thursday, August 22, 2019

About To Be Released Sets

A quick roundup of some sets that have an imminent release:

- I mentioned a little while ago that BBM was issuing a box set for the Carp called "Brilliant".  It turns out that they are also issuing box sets for the Fighters and Tigers using that name.  Like the Carp set, these sets will contain 29 cards - the 27 card base set plus a serially numbered "SPARKLING" insert card and an autographed card - and will retail for 10000 yen (~$92).  The Fighters set will be out on August 27th and the Tigers set will be out on September 3rd.

- Calbee's Series Three set will be out around September 16th - as always it wouldn't surprise me to see the cards in stores or online a few days before that,  As was the case with Series Two, the base set will contain 88 cards - 72 player cards (6 per team), 12 "Exciting Scene" subset cards and the usual four checklist cards.  As always there will be a 24 card premium subset/insert set called "Star".  There will also be a special 12 card box set available via some sort of redemption called "Control Tower" - it features the main catcher for each of the 12 NPB teams.  The checklist for the set (including the Star cards and the special box set) is available here.

- Epoch is releasing another of their ultra high end "Stars And Legends" team sets - this time for the Buffaloes.  Each box will contain four cards (two of which are autographed) and retail for 14,500 yen (~$135).  The base set will contain 38 cards - the listing on the promotional material isn't complete but most of the players in the set (30 according to the list) are active - there's only six OB players listed (although I would assume there will be eight when the set comes out).  There are four different kinds of autograph cards and also the serially numbered GEM insert cards.  The set will be out on September 14th.

- Dan Skrezyna let me know that SCC is issuing KBO Premium, their second KBO set of the year.  The base set will contain 220 cards that I believe will be split between "normal" (120), "rare" (45), "holo" (35) and "signature" (20) cards.  (Note that the "signature" card refer to facsimile signatures on the card).  There are also some 260 possible autographed and/or memorabilia cards available.  I'm not positive but I believe the set has already been released.  Dan has already added the checklist for the set over at

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