Friday, October 18, 2019

2019 Premier 12 Korean Roster

Thought I'd do a quick post featuring the Korean roster for the upcoming Premier 12.  Well, maybe "quick" isn't the right word as the lack of English on most of my Korean cards makes any post that has a lot of them a bit more work than usual.

Like my post for the Samurai Japan team the other day I used National team cards of the players when possible.  One note - I'm listing the players in the order that they are listed in the roster on the Premier 12's website and how the names are romanized which may not be the way the names are romanized on the cards themselves or the order that you'd expect to see them.

CHA Woochan 2018 SCC KBO Collection #125

CHO Sangwoo 2019 SCC KBO Collection #062

CHOI Jeong 2009 Konami WBC Heroes #W09R129

GO Woosuk 2019 SCC Premium #158

HA Jaehoon 2019 SCC Premium #001
HAM Deokju 2014 Superstar Baseball #SBC03-093

HAN Hyunhee 2014 Superstar Baseball Season Three #SBC03-061-AS

HUR Kyoungmin 2015 Superstar Baseball SBC1502-108-N

HWANG Jaegyun 2018 SCC KBO Collection #233

KANG Baekho 2018 SCC KBO Collection #239

KIM Kwanghyun 2009 Konami WBC Heroes #W09R123

KIM Jaehwan 2017 Vittum Home Run Kings #3

KIM Ha Seong 2019 SCC KOB Collection #073

KIM Sangsu 2015 Superstar Baseball Season One #SBC1501-113-N

KIM Hyunsoo 2009 Konami WBC Heroes All Tournament Team #W09A012

KOO Changmo 2017 SCC #SCC-01-NC09

LEE Youngha 2018 SCC KBO Collection 2 Black #030

LEE Jung-Hoo 2019 SCC Premium #088

MIN Byunghun 2018 SCC KBO Collection 2 Red #018

MOON Kyeongchan 2018 SCC KBO Collection #004

PARK Jonghun 2016 Forever Ace #PA03-SK009

PARK Seihyok 2017 SCC #SCC-01-DS12

PARK Kunwoo 2014 Superstar Baseball Season One #SBC01-019

PARK Byungho 2015 Superstar Baseball Season Two Sticker

PARK Min Woo 2018 SCC KBO Collection #085

WON Jonghyan 2016-17 Superstar Baseball Black Edition #SBCBK-074-N

YANG Hyeonjong 2017 Bowman "Paper Prospects" #BP141

YANG Euiji 2019 SCC Premium #210

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