Sunday, February 7, 2010

2009 BBM Nippon Series Set

BBM completes its 2009 line of cards with the publication of its annual Nippon Series set. This year's edition is a 65 card set featuring all the players who appeared in the Series between the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (31 cards including the manager) and the Yomiuri Giants (28 cards with their manager). There are also the usual cards for the Series MVP (Shinnosuke Abe), the winner of the "Fighting Spirit" award (Shinji Takahashi) and the three winners of the "Outstanding Player" awards (Dicky Gonzalez, Yoshiyuki Kamei and Eiichi Koyano) as well as a card celebrating the championship of the Giants (shown above, card #S65).

The cards themselves are beautiful - full bleed photos without a lot of clutter. I have my same complaint as last year - that there's not a lot that makes these photos stand out as happening in the Series, although Marc Kroon's card (#S09) showing him on his knees pointing to the sky after recording the final out (I assume) kind of stands out.

BBM does try to get pictures from the actual Series for everyone who appears in the games. I was amused that this year they could only show Takahito Kudoh (#S27) being introduced in a before-game ceremony - he only played in one game and didn't get an at bat - I assume it was probably a defensive substitution late in a game, but I haven't had a chance to look it up.

Here's another couple of example cards - Hichori Morimoto (#S53) and Tetsuya Matsumoto (#S28):

A couple of other notes about the set - I believe the set contains the first BBM card of Giants pitcher Wirfin Obispo. Also, Termel Sledge's first name is mispelled as "Terrmel".


Deanna said...

Actually, Sledge's name IS spelled Terrmel. That's not a typo.

I should probably get this set just because I was at 3 games of the series for real and watched all 6 of them...

NPB Card Guy said...

Ah, crap - it hadn't looked right to me and apparently what I compared it to to check wasn't spelled right...

I'm going to claim shoveling fatigue as a partial explanation for this, but mostly I just screwed up. Thanks!