Saturday, February 6, 2010

Online Japanese Card Shops

Jason has done the research on finding Japanese Baseball Card stores online and it's all here.

Jason's also done a box break for the 2000 Epoch stickers and has started one for the 2000 Power League collectible card game.


Anonymous said...

This is great information on purchasing Japanese cards !!! Can you use pay pal to purchase thes items?

NPB Card Guy said...

No idea. I also don't know if any of them will ship internationally. According to the post, Jason's attempting to order something from one of the shops through KuboTEN, so that might end up being the best way to order items.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can find single cards from the 2009 BBM set?
I am missing about 50 cards.

NPB Card Guy said...

My only suggestion would be to try either Prestige Collectibles or Rob's Japanese Baseball Cards. Sorry. I know your pain - I'm trying to complete sets from 2003-2006.

Jason said...

To get back to this, I was able to order several single cards via KuboTEN from They are the only online seller I've found with an easily browsed store of single cards. Unfortuantely, now KuboTEN is shutdown for a remodeling. I'm planning to gove a shot and see how that works out.

As has been pointed out, for current sets and boxes, ( will ship directly to the US.