Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Calbee Series 1

The checklist for the latest offering from Calbee, 2010 Series 1, went up on their website in the last day or so. This set features 96 "regular" player cards (8 per team). As always, there are a number of separate insert sets or subsets. There's a 12 card "TS" subset that I think contains a card for the top 2009 highlight for each team - the Giants winning the Series, Kazuyoshi Tatsunami's retirement for the Dragons, walk off victories for the Lions and Buffaloes, etc. - maybe "TS" stands for "The Scene". There's a two card "LC" subset celebrating the two league champions - the Giants and the Fighters. There are a four card Climax Series ("CS") subset and a four card Nippon Series ("NS") subset that commemorate last year's post season. There are four checklist cards and a 24 card (2 for each team - a batter and a pitcher) Top Player ("TP") subset. Finally, there's a 19 card subset that I think can only be bought or redeemed somehow online. I'm not sure what the cards are, but I think they correlate with some of the league leaders and award winners - Alex Ramirez and Yu Darvish are the first two cards and won the MVP awards in their leagues. The next two cards are the Rookies of the Year Tetsuya Matsumoto and Tadashi Settsu. No player gets repeated but it look like the leaders for ERA, Victories, Batting Average, Home Runs, etc are represented in the cards. (At first glance, I figured 19 cards probably meant the two Best 9 squads, but after looking at who's in the set, it's obviously not.)

This Google translation of the checklist gives a wealth of information in English, but it doesn't give a release date for the cards.

UPDATE: Yakyu Baka reports here that they will go on sale March 8.


Jason said... Tuffy in the checklist. That makes it highly unlikely that he'll have a card in this year's Calbee set. I guess that's a good thing as it's one less I have to chase!

NPB Card Guy said...

As I'm sure you've noticed with Japanese cards - this year's set reflects this year's team rosters. In the US, this year's set generally reflects LAST year's team rosters.

So, yeah, until he signs with someone, no Tuffy.

Jason said...

Maybe that explains why Hensley Meulens didn't have any Calbee cards. Signed too late for the 1994 set, changes teams for 1995...possibly again too late to make the set. But I have to wonder why he didn't make the 1996 set since he was with the Swallows for a second full season. Plenty of other gaijin were included, I have to wonder why Meulens was left out.