Monday, February 22, 2010


I received the cards from my first order placed through KuboTEN today. The whole process was pretty easy, although a bit slow. I had won the auction in question back in December, but I waited until mid-January to actually get the cards shipped as I was waiting to see if there was anything else I wanted to get. So it looks like it took about 5 weeks to get the cards, which seems a little long to me, although the weather may have disrupted things somewhat. I'd be interested in knowing what others have experienced.

The cards themselves are gorgeous. I was able to get the remaining 5 "Combination" insert cards that I needed from the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set. Here's a couple of them (#'s T-03, T-12 & T-15):

So that leaves me with 10 regular cards and 4 "The Scene" insert cards to go to complete the set!

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Jason said...

The one time I made a purchase and immediately requested shipping, there was maybe 15 days between winning the auction, the item being received at KuboTEN, and then the item being shipped to me. That was surprisingly quick.

Most of the time, it has taken about 5 days for the item to get to KuboTEN, and then I let it sit pending other wins. With 1st Class Airmail, I usually get items within 10 days of paying for the shipping.

The one time I made the mistake of using EMS, I got the item in about 5 days (and WAY overpaid for shipping).