Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 BBM Marines

The latest set to be announced on BBM's website is the team set for the defending Nippon Series champs, the Chiba Lotte Marines. As is normal lately for BBM's team sets, this is a 99 card pack based set featuring a whopping 81 "regular" cards for players and (I assume) the coaching staff. There's also a three card subset titled "Playback 2010", a five card "Growing Up" subset, a nine card "Active Leading Player" subset and a checklist card. There's some sort of insert set labelled "Soul Of Marines" but I'm not sure how many cards are in it - I think there's something like three different versions of each card. There are also possible jersey and autograph cards. The set will be released in late March.

The web page shows three cards labelled "Young Guns" across all three cards (by which I mean the first card has "YOU", the second "NG G" and the third "UNS") that feature Yuta Omine, Yuki Karakawa and Yoshihisa Naruse. I'm kind of curious where they fit into the set, since there's no listing for a subset by that name.

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