Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RIP Wally Yonamine

Hall Of Famer Kaname "Wally" Yonamine has passed away from prostate cancer at age 85. I've featured cards of his in posts a couple of times in the past. Here's the rest of the cards I have of him:

From the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set, cards 93, 213 and 333 plus Combination insert card T-14:

And two cards from when he coached for the Giants in the late 70's. First, card #140 from the 1978 NST set (with Shigeru Sugishita):

1979 TCMA #89:

For more information on Wally, read Rob Fitts' website for his excellent biography of Wally (and read the book as well) and Wally's biography in Baseball Reference's Bullpen.

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