Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Real And It's Spectacular

Well it's real anyway. We'll see if it's spectacular in April.

BBM's website caught up with AmiAmi and Discount Niki today and released information about the new 2011 Tokyo Big Six Spring Version set. The set will be a boxed set containing 36 "regular" cards and two insert cards. The regular cards will be 30 player cards (five per team) and six team cards (which is pretty much the standard for the last couple Big Six sets).

For insert cards, there are 12 possible cards - six active players (one from each team) and six former players (also one from each team). I don't know who the active players are, but the former players (who are all active either in Japan or the US) are shown on the website. Deanna showed me how to identify them (the "view image" option will show their names) - on the top row, left to right is Tsuyoshi Wada (Waseda), Yoshinobu Takahashi (Keio), Atsunori Inaba (Hosei); bottom row is Kenshin Kawakami (Meiji), Daisuke Hayakawa (Rikkio) and Takahiro Matsuka (Tokyo).

I wonder if BBM will ever consider doing a set completely of Tokyo Big Six alum? They'd get the older fans with Shigeo Nagashima (Rikkio) and the younger ones with Yuki Saitoh.

Anyway, this set will be released in April.

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