Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All Yu-Chan All The Time

BBM has apparently decided that having an insert set for the 1st Version set called "Golden Age 88" featuring players (Yuki Saitoh plus 11 others) born in 1988 just isn't enough. On their website today, they've announced a whole new box set called "Platinum Age - Born in 1988". It's a 28 card box set featuring 21 cards of players born in 1988, six cards of "1988 mates" (maybe multi-player cards with two or more teammates who were born in 1988?) and one insert card. Looks like the insert cards include die cut or foil signature cards as well as possible autograph and jersey cards.

Still waiting to see if BBM just does a "Yuki Saitoh - the Waseda Years" box set. OK, I'm kidding. A little.

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