Sunday, September 4, 2011

Card Of The Week September 4

Well, the Fighters apparently have had enough of Masataka Nashida and he most likely won't be returning as manager, even if Nippon Ham wins the Series.  Reportedly, one of the candidates to replace is Tsuyoshi Shinjyo, which would be an...interesting choice.  He certainly has a more colorful background than some of the other possible candidates - I've never seen Katsuya Nomura hanging out with Paris Hilton.  Then there were some of the costumes he appeared on the field in:

He certainly makes a better Vader than Hideki Kuriyama, although I'm not sure that's one of the criteria for the managerial job.

Here's Shinjyo's 1995 Calbee card (#71):

I also want to mention that somebody once promised to smack anyone who suggested that Shinjyo become the Fighters' manager, so team owner Yoshinori Okoso should consider himself warned.

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