Saturday, September 3, 2011

Menko T-Shirts

Ebbets Field Flannels unveiled a group of six t-shirts in the past couple of weeks that use graphics from old menko cards on them.  It looks like someone at the company got a copy of John Gall and Gary Engel's book "Sayonara Home Run" because five of the six images can be found in the book.  The six shirts are:

- a 1948 Shonen Alps game card of Hiroshi Oshita of the Flyers (p. 121 of the book)
- a 1948/49 menko booklet of Sataro Sugiyama of the Dragons (p. 66)
- the back of an unidentified menko card from the late 40's (p. 57)
- the back of another 1948 menko card of Hiroshi Oshita which for some reason shows Noburo Aota (p. 32)
- the back of a 1963 Marusho card of Giants catcher Isao Ohashi (p. 175)
- some sort of Tigers flag - don't know where the image came from as I couldn't find it in the book.

While I'm on the subject of Japanese baseball related t-shirts, I should mention that there's an outfit called Red Jacket Clothing that sells a handful of NBP related t-shirts.  It's a mixture of modern logos (Giants, Carp, Lions) and some older ones (Whales, Hanyku Braves, Osaka (Nankai) Hawks).  It's one of the few options for those of us a little larger than the average Japanese person and probably a bit cheaper to boot.

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