Saturday, September 24, 2011

New BBM Baseball (sort of) Sets

BBM released information last week on a couple baseball-related sets:  one for mascots and one for cheerleader squads.  The Mascot set is called something along the lines of "Our Friends" and is a box set containing 45 "regular" cards plus an autographed version of one of the 45 cards.  The Cheerleader set is a pack based set containing 155 cards (along with autographed inserts).  It features the cheerleader/dance teams for nine teams - the Hawks, Lions, Fighters, Buffaloes, Eagles, Dragons, Giants, Swallows and BayStars.  Both sets will be out in late October.

In addition, AmiAmi and Discount Niki have information up on BBM's 2012 "Historic Collection" set.  I'm not quite sure what the theme is - it looks like it's highlighting the drafts from several years but I could be mistaken.

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