Sunday, October 30, 2011

Card Of The Week October 30

I was going to write something about the surprising victory of the Lions over the Fighters in the First Stage of the Pacific League playoffs and how maybe they're following the lead of last year's Marines and this years's Cardinals - sneak into the playoffs on the last day of the season, then win the hole thing.  But then I started thinking that since tomorrow was Halloween, I should do something about a Giant, since black and orange are appropriate colors.

Luckiliy, I remembered reading something interesting last week on Yakyu Baka last week - Giants outfielder Hisayoshi Chono is only the third Giant to ever lead the league in batting in his second season.  The first two were Tetsuharu Kawakami in 1939 and Shigeo Nagashima in 1959.  He's also the first right handed Giant to win the batting crown in 40 years (Nagashima in 1971).  Pretty elite company.  (Don't think there will be a lot of sympathy for him if he feels a lot of pressure living up to that company - he's the one who insisted on being a Giant.)

Anyway, here's his 2010 BBM Rookie Edition card (#001):

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