Thursday, October 27, 2011

2012 NPB Draft

The 2012 NPB draft was held today and as usual Deanna and YakyuBaka are all over it.  Deanna live blogged it and had a photopost preview of the some of the players that were available in the draft.  Gen also live blogged it and has the results for both the Central and Pacific League teams up.  So I'll do my usual list of the cards that are available for today's drafted players.

I think that the two collegiate National team sets (2008 Upper Deck jersey cards for the 2007 team and the 2008 BBM set) are old enough now that none of the players who appear in those sets is in this year's draft. So the only possible cards are for guys from the Tokyo Big Six league.   There are six players from that league that were drafted today (well, seven if you count a softball player from Waseda named Takumi Oshima who was taken by the Fighters), but only four of them have actually had cards.  Here's the list (all the sets listed are BBM Tokyo Big Six sets, regular cards only - I don't have a complete list of the inserts):

Shohei Habu, Waseda (Carp #4)

2009 Autumn Version #11 (shown)
2010 Spring Version #23
2010 Autumn Version #11
2011 Spring Version #05
2011 Autumn Version #29

Hayata Itoh, Keio (Tigers #1)

2009 Autumn Version #23
2010 Spring Version #11 (shown)
2010 Autumn Version #05
2011 Spring Version #11
2011 Autumn Version #05

Yusuke Nomura, Meiji (Carp #1)

2008 Autumn Version #03 (shown)
2009 Spring Version #20
2009 Autumn Version #13
2010 Spring Version #02
2010 Autumn Version #14 (see below)
2011 Spring Version #19
2011 Autumn Version #19
(Nomura has a card in every Tokyo Big Six set BBM has done except the first one, 2008 Spring Version.)

Hiroaki Shimauchi, Meiji (Eagles #6)

2011 Autumn Version #22 (shown)

I did not see any obvious former Tokyo Big Six players (or National team members for that matter) that had done to the industral leagues before making themselves available for the draft, but I could easily have missed someone.

One last card - I was amused that Deanna pointed out how consistent Yusuke Nomura's mechanics were by showing two photos she had taken of his form that looked almost identical (well, except for the uniform and background) - she also pointed out that she had many pictures that looked like that.  Well, here's another one:

UPDATE: Deanna mentioned in a comment that former Meiji player Yuki Egarashi had been drafted from Toshiba of the industrial leagues.  Egarashi had a card in the 2008 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set (#02).


Deanna said...

Yuki Egarashi went from Meiji to Toshiba to the draft this year. I forget if he had any cards in the past sets (but I could check in a day or two when I'm back in the US. Sigh.)

BTW, I got a Mascots box set -- it's called "Our Friends" or something like that, a print run of 3000 sets, and it actually sold out at the first card store I went to look for it at. Craziness.

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks for the information. I updated the post to include him.

I had written something up about the Mascot set when BBM announced it back in September. Sounds like it's pretty popular. Jamabalaya has all the cards up here as well as the cards from the cheerleader set.