Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 BBM Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version

When I originally wrote about this year's Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set from BBM, I said that the set would contain 38 cards - 36 regular cards and two insert cards.  I also said the the 36 regular cards would break down to five player cards plus a team card for each of the six teams.  Either I got it wrong (very possible) or BBM changed their plans for the set after the initial announcement (also possible).

So let me try this again - this year's edition of the Tokyo Big Six Autumn Version set is a boxed set containing 37 cards -36 regular cards along with one insert card.  For the first time in their Tokyo Big Six sets, BBM has dispensed with the team cards, so instead of five players per team, this set features six players per team, the most since the 2009 Spring Version (which had nine per team).

As usual, the cards are very nice looking, even if I only know who a couple of these guys are.  Here's some sample cards:



 There are two six card insert sets - "Tokyo Big Six Heroes" which features current players (one from each team) and "Tokyo Big Six Legends" which features former players (one from each team) who went on to fame in NBP (such as Shigeo Nagashima and Koichi Tabuchi).  I got a Heroes card for Tomoya Mikami from Hosei (#SP03):

Jabalaya has all the cards here.


Deanna said...

I meant to write about this set but have been too busy going to games :)

I got Mikami too! Being as he is one of the players I actually kinda know, that was cool, though I really want to see some of those "old guy" insert cards too. I notice Jambalaya does not have them listed.

NPB Card Guy said...

I figured that was the only reason I beat you to it.

I was really disappointed to find out that they were only doing one insert card per set instead of the two they did last spring. I still wouldn't be surprised to see BBM do a former Tokyo Big Six player set (like the Tohto 80th Anniversary set) - they'd be able to have both Shigeo Nagashima and Yuki Saitoh.