Monday, October 24, 2011

Card Of The Week October 23

Sorry about being late this week - I spent the weekend running from zombies.  The Pacific League wrapped up its schedule last week and Takeya Nakamura of the Lions lead the league in home runs with 48.  This turned out to be two more than the entire defending Nippon Series Champion Marines team hit this season.  It was the first time since 1954 that a single player out-homered a team.  Actually in 1954, two Pacific League players out-homered the Kintetsu Pearls (27 home runs) - Futoshi Nakanishi of the Lions (31) and Kazuhiro Yamauchi of the Orions (28).

Here's Namakura's 2006 Konami "Baseball Heroes 2 Black Edition" card (#B06B055):

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Jason said...

FYI, it seems Konami did go ahead with another series of Baseball Heroes for 2011, in addition to the Baseball Allstar's set. They have a new section on their website for them, and I've started compiling the checklists for the two main series from listings on