Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2011 Team26 Marines

Jason's got another post up about team issued baseball card sets from Japan, either fan club issues or stadium giveaways (or both).  He's researched an amazing number of cards from various places, an invaluable resource in light of Gary Engel's apparent decision to concentrate on the pre-BBM era for his latest checklist.

I was hoping to help Jason out with some information on the 2011 Team 26 Marines set, but he's already listed the five cards I have.  So the only thing I can do to help out is to post the images of the cards:

I think that Team26 is the Marine's official fan club.  Not positive, but I think the cards get distributed at the ballpark on certain days to fans with their fan club membership card.  (If I'm understanding the Google translation on the web page, today was one of the days - too bad the game was rained out.)

The cards I'm showing here I picked up on eBay last year.

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