Sunday, July 15, 2012

Card Of The Week July 15

So last week I'm at the grocery store going through checkout when I notice the guy in the lane next to me.  He's wearing a black and orange jersey top - not unusual for a Baltimore suburb.  I can only see his back and I see the letters "hara" as the end of the name.  So first I'm thinking it's a Koji Uehara Orioles jersey.  But then I see the number is "5" - Uehara wore 19 with the Orioles so it's not him and Brooks Robinson's name doesn't end in "hara" so it's not an Orioles jersey.  And then I see the whole name.

Some guy in Abingdon, Maryland is wearing a Kazuhiro Kiyohara Yomiuri Giants jersey in the super market.

Of course, I had to stop him and ask what the deal was (poor guy - he'll never wear that jersey in public again).  He said a friend of his had sent it to him from Japan - he'd had to look up Kiyohara online to find out who he was.

Not something you see around here everyday.

Here's a card of Kiyohara from the 2005 BB Giants set.  They had a subset that I call "Shared Numbers" (no idea what the official name is).  Each card in the subset showed an active player with a retired player who shared the same uniform number.  Kiyohara's card (#G095) showed him with Kazumasa Kohno (the back of the card lists everyone who ever wore #5 for the Giants, going all the way back to 1935).

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Deanna said...

Funny story: you know Edwin, who writes the Kokoyakyu blog? We originally met at an anime convention 9 years ago or so. I was dressed up as "a Japanese baseball fan", wearing my crazy Fighters garb, and he was randomly wearing a Kiyohara jersey, so I was like "Hey, we should talk." Several years later we re-met in the Japanese baseblogsophere.