Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, please

I try not to complain about what people are claiming about Japanese cards on eBay too much.  So many people are making some many incorrect claims about cards that what's the point of complaining?  The people selling the stuff don't care that Hee Seop Choi and Fu-Te Ni are not Japanese, or that Yomiuri is not a suburb of Tokyo or that Masayuki Kakefu really isn't Sadaharu Oh.  The prices people are looking for are occasionally hilarious also - I've seen asking prices of $399 for the 1991 BBM factory set and $30 for a 2005 BBM Seibu Lions pack (not box, single pack).

I saw this auction today, though, and it just made me mad.  Let's see now, this 1998 BBM Batting Leader card of Ichiro Suzuki is NOT his rookie card, is NOT a short print and is NOT worth anything near $72, let alone the "original price" of $90.  Engel lists it as a $10 card which means it's probably worth about $5.

Hopefully no one out there is dumb enough to pay $72 for the card.  But if you are, drop me a line.  I've got a 2004 BBM 1st Version SP RC of Daisuke Matsuzaka that I'll let you have for just $, I just can't be that dishonest...

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