Sunday, May 22, 2016

Card Of The Week May 22

The Fighters beat the Hawks last Tuesday 7-2.  It was Rick Van Den Hurk's first loss at the top level in Japan since his debut with the Hawks last season.  He had won his 14th straight decision a week earlier to pass Taigen Kaku of the Lions and Tsuneo Horiuchi of the Giants for most consecutive wins to start an NPB career.

I don't have any particularly interesting cards of Van Den Hurk with the Hawks - flagship cards from BBM for this year and last year, BBM Hawks' team set card from last year and Calbee card from this year - but as he played for the Netherlands in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, he's in the Konami WBC Heroes set from that year:

2009 Konami WBC Heroes #W09R157/253

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Dan Skrezyna said...

He played for the Samsung Lions in the KBO and they miss him.