Monday, November 26, 2018

2018 SCC KBO Collection 2 - The Red And The Black

In addition to the 2018 SCC KBO Collection set, Dan Skrezyna also included the two 2018 KBO Collection 2 sets (Black and Red) in the package he sent me recently.  Each of these sets features players from five of the ten KBO teams.  The Black set has Doosan, Hanwha, Kia, NC and SK while the Red set has KT, LG, Lotte, Nexen and Samsung.  Both sets came out either in late September or early October.

Each set has a total of 115 cards although the last 10 are "Hidden Hologram" cards so the base set is only 105 cards.  The cards are split evenly with 21 cards per team with the exceptions of Doosan (which has 22 cards) and NC (which only has 20).  Like the first set, the base set is broken into multiple card types although these sets only have four types rather than five.  There are 50 "normal" cards in each set along with 32 "rare" cards, 15 "holo" cards and 8 "signature autograph" cards.  There are no "rookie" cards in the set but seven of the nine players who appeared on "rookie" cards in the first set appear in this set - their cards just aren't labeled as "rookie" cards.  The card types aren't split evenly between the teams but it's close - each team has 9 to 11 "normal" cards, 6 or 7 "rare" cards, 3 "holo" cards and 1 or 2 "facsimile autograph" cards.  All the cards have a glossy finish.

I don't have much to say about the player selection other than I think that all the players I mentioned that appeared in the first set appear in these two.  There's about 40 players between the two sets that did not appear in the first set - the most significant of the two are former NPB players Lee Bum-Ho and Kim Tae-Kyun.

As was the case with the first set, the backs of these cards are all identical so there's no biographical or statistical information on them.  The backs are different between the two sets - with the back of the Black set having a black background and those of the Red set having a red background.

Here's some sample cards - first from the Black set:

#SCCR-02B/027 Jang Won-Jun (Normal)

#SCCR-02B/020 Na Ji-Wan (Normal)

#SCCR-02B/098 Jung Keun-Woo (Rare)

#SCCR-02B/074 Lee Jae-Won (Holo)

#SCCR-02B/053 (Facsimile Autograph)
And from the Red set:

#SCCR-02R/079 Kim Sang-Su (Normal)

#SCCR-02R/037 Ahn Ik-Hun (Normal)

#SCCR-02R/055 Kim Ha-Sung (Rare)

#SCCR-02R/104 Kang Baek-Ho (Holo)

#SCCR-02R/015 (Facsimile Autograph)
It's probably not obvious from the scan but the "rare" cards feature a shimmering lattice finish.

Here's what the card backs look like - you can probably guess which one's which:

So the only places where the color in the name of the set is reflected on the cards themselves are in the background on the "Facsimile Autograph" cards and the card backs.

Dan has added checklists for both sets and uploaded images for all the base set cards over at (link for Black and Red).  And I want to thank Dan again for getting me these sets.

I've been having an old Blue Oyster Cult song running through my head while dealing with these sets:

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