Sunday, November 4, 2018

Last Of The 2018 Sets (and maybe the first 2019 one)

There's been a couple recently announced sets:

- Epoch is putting out ultra high-end team sets called "Season Achievements" for the Baystars and Lions.  The Lions set was actually released yesterday.  Boxes contain just six cards (although I think two of them are autographed) and retail for 16,200 yen.  The base set contains 21 cards and there's a parallel version of each card.  There's also a ton of different types of autographed cards.  The Baystars set will be released on November 23rd.  Like those of the Lions set, boxes of this set contain just six cards although you'll get either two autographed cards or an autographed card and a memorabilia card in the box.  The boxes have a slightly lower retail price of 15,120 yen.  There are 33 cards in the base set and a parallel version of each card is available.  The set also contains a number of different versions of the aforementioned autograph and memorabilia cards. 

- Epoch is also putting out a set called something like "Footprints Of The Tigers 2018" that's appears to be in conjunction with an exhibit that's been going on at the Koshien Museum since the end of August.  It's yet another ultra high-end set with six card boxes retailing for 16,200 yen.  One of those cards will be an autographed card while another will be either an autograph or a memorabilia card.  The base set is 27 cards divided between 14 OB players and 13 active players, all from the Tigers.  I don't know if there's a parallel version of the base cards.  There's two types of autographed cards and a variety of memorabilia cards that appear to be focused on Koshien Stadium - relic cards for balls, bases and home plates used at the Stadium.  The set will be out on November 23rd.

- When we last checked in on the KBO, Dan had mentioned there was a new set from SCC out called KBO Collection 2 Black which had cards for only five of the KBO teams - Doosan, Kia, SK, NC and Hanwha.  Dan had speculated that there might be another set covering the other five teams and he was correct - the KBO Collection 2 Red set has cards for Samsung, LG, KT, Nexen and Lotte.  It looks like the set has the same parameters as the Black set - it has an 105 card base set plus 10 rare "Hidden Hologram" insert cards.  The set has been out for a couple of weeks now.

- BBM has announced the third entry in their "Time Travel" series.  This edition is for 1979.  Like the 1989 version that came out late last year, the base set has basically five subsets - the player cards that are made to look like they were actually issued in 1979, a subset for players who retired in 1979, highlights for 1979, a subset for players who were born in 1979 and a subset for pop culture (non-baseball) events from 1979.  There will also be two insert sets featuring the leaders from each league.  BBM's information for the set does not say how large any of these subsets will be.  I expect that the base set will be 99 cards (since the other two sets were that size) and there will be 18 insert cards between the two sets.  There will also be autographed cards randomly inserted into packs.  The set will be released in late-December.  I am unsure of what the "cover date" on the cards will be.  The two previous issues came out in December of 2016 and 2017 respectively and had a "cover date" of 2017 and 2018.  I'd expect this set to have a "cover date" of 2019 but the sample images on this set show 2018 instead.  So this will be either the final 2018 set or the first 2019 set.

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