Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 BBM BayStars and Carp sets

Friday, BBM added information to their website for two more pack based team sets for 2010 - the BayStars and Carp.

The BayStars set will contain 99 cards - 74 player/manager/coach cards, 1 checklist card, 6 "2010 Newcomer" cards, 9 "puzzle" cards (probably 3 3 card puzzles), 3 "young gun cards" and 6 cards for the BBM 20th Anniversary "Cross Stream" cross-set subset. The set also has a 9 card insert set called "Heart Of The Order" and some jersey and autograph cards. It will be in the stores in mid-May.

The Carp set will also contain 99 cards and will be broken down in a very similar manner. There will be 78 cards for the players, manager and coaches, 1 checklist card, 2 "Topics" cards, 9 "puzzle" cards, 3 "starters" cards and the 6 "Cross Stream" cards. There will be two insert sets - a 9 card set for "active players" and a 6 card "Uniform Number Story" set, plus possible autograph cards. It will go live in late May.

I also expect to see a Fighters set on BBM's website any day now as there's already information about it a Target's Japan website and at AmiAmi.

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