Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 BBM Tigers

The 2010 BBM Tigers team set was announced on BBM's website yesterday. It's a pack based set that will be a little larger than the other team sets announced so far this year - 117 cards rather than 99 cards. There will be 80 cards of players, coaches and the manager, one checklist, three cards of rookies, four cards of veterans, a four card subset that is being translated as either "Opening a new front-line forces" (Google) or "New war potential of commencement one troop" (Babel Fish), seven cards showing Tiger coaches when they were active players, nine puzzle cards, three cards of the "cleanup trio" and the six card BBM 20th Anniversary "Cross Stream" cross-set subset. There are two nine card insert sets - "Rock On Victory" and "Smile Shot" as well as autograph and memorabilia inserts - I think there are jersey cards of Kenji Johjima and Kentaro Sekimoto. The set will be out in early June.

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