Thursday, April 1, 2010

Topps NPB set

From Topps website today came news today of Topps' first ever set for NPB. It's going to be an 132 card set which will break down as follows:

- 12 Team cards (featuring the manager and the team's 2009 stats and summary)
- 12 Franchise History cards
- 6 Award Winner cards (MVPs and Rookies Of The Year for each league, Sawamura and Shoriki Awards)
- 16 League Leader cards (showing the top three in each league for Batting Average, Home Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases, Wins, ERA, Strikeouts and Saves)
- 19 Best 9 cards
- 18 Golden Glove cards
- 2 checklist cards featuring "Classic Combo" shots ("Hugging It Out In Hokkaido" and "BayStar Backhand")
- 45 short printed OB player cards
- 1 card of Mickey Mantle (with a picture of Mantle from the Yankees 1955 tour of Japan)
- 1 "regular" player card (Yu Darvish)

Insert cards include a World Baseball Classic set (12 cards - 10 of Derek Jeter and 1 each of Darvish and Aroldis Chapman) and a Sadaharu Oh home run set (868 cards all showing the same picture of Oh, but with different numbers). Memorabilia cards will include pieces of Tsuyoshi Shinjyo's Darth Vader mask and pieces of the Colonel Sander's statue.

Details are here.


Jason said...

Just you watch, next season when Topps actually does this, it won't be so funny!

Only there will be all those annoying chromes and things that end in -fractor and alternate Hello Kitty versions of all the players and packs will cost $5 each for 2 cards (one of which may just be a blank filler to hide the memorabilia cards).

NPB Card Guy said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention the chrome parallels, the serial numbered refractor parallels and the serially numbered (to 2010) red bordered parallel cards. And the other 30 insert sets...