Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 BBM Tokyo Big 6 Spring Version

OK, Deanna totally scooped me on this so I won't have much to add from what she's already said about it, but I got my copy of the new BBM Tokyo Big 6 Spring Version set in the mail today. It's a box set containing 37 cards (36 regular cards plus an insert card). The 36 cards break down to a team card and five player cards for each of the six university teams in the Tokyo Big 6 collegiate league. The insert card is one of 12 "Tokyo Big 6 Heroes" - two for each team.

As Deanna mentions in her post, BBM's previous two editions of this set featured 60 cards - 9 players plus a team card per team and no insert cards. Personally, I preferred that - especially since the price of the set stayed roughly the same even though there's 23 fewer cards.

Deanna's got the full checklist for the set up in her post, so I'll just show some cards. As always, BBM has some great pictures.

That's Takuya Hiromoto (#15), Naoki Yamaguchi (#10), Masatoshi Itoh (#27), the Tokyo team card (#36) and the "Tokyo Big 6 Heroes" card in my set - Fumiya Araki (#SP02).

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