Sunday, April 18, 2010

Card Of The Week April 18

Two interesting stories this week (well, three actually, but I don't have cards of Daisuke Takeuchi yet) - the Hawks have signed former Swallow and Giant Roberto Petagine to a contract and Tomoaki Kanemoto of the Tigers ended his consecutive innings played streak at 1492 games (his consecutive game streak remains intact at 1638). I've done retrospectives of both players in the past - Petagine to recognize his induction into the International League Hall Of Fame and Kanemoto for being among the top 15 career home run hitters in NPB - but I thought I'd feature a Best 9 card for each player this week. Petagine's card is from the 2001 BBM set (#B3) and Kanemoto's is from the 2005 BBM 1st Version set (#BN19):


Mariner1 said...

I thought you would be interested in my write up today about a former big leaguer from Japan. Hope you enjoy it.

Deanna said...

And you still won't as Takeuchi is only a sophomore and not in this semester's Keio set, which was only 5 cards per team, oddly. I just got the set at Jingu the other day and have a post halfway written on it. If you actually get the set with a special card and get either Kagami or Taki (or Ohishi) as your special card, can you let me know and can we trade? I got Hayata Itoh, who is a perfectly good player, but I'd rather have someone I have a connection with :)

The Kanemoto thing was huge, even all the Fighters fans were talking about it yesterday at the Seibu Dome.

NPB Card Guy said...

Mariner1 - thanks for the link. I did a bit of a write up on Suzuki last year and I think our posts complement each other real well.

Deanna - Thanks for the info on Takeuchi. I should be getting my Big 6 set in the next week or so and I did get an unopened box this time, so I'll let you know on the special card.