Sunday, April 25, 2010

Card Of The Week April 25

While looking through the 2002 BBM cards last night, this one of Masato Watanabe caught my eye (2nd Version #764):

I look at this picture, and three things run through my head:

1. Watanabe is happy to be there
2. He's trying to get someone's attention
3. His helmet doesn't fit


Anonymous said...

This isn't related to the card of the week, but I just finished putting together a binder full of NPB cards and MLB cards of players who played in the NPB. I would like to find some stickers to put on the binder like I did to my old binders with the Fleer team stickers or the Upper Deck holograms. Do you know if anything like that exists for the NPB teams?

NPB Card Guy said...

I would guess that they do, but I don't know who makes them or how to get them. Sorry.