Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Shohei Ohtani SCM Cards

With Shohei Ohtani returning to the Angels' lineup last night I thought I'd do a quick post listing the cards that he had that were included in Sports Card Magazine between 2013 and 2017 (when the magazine ceased publication).  Ohtani had six such cards which is more than most players although not the most - as far as I can tell Hideki Matsui had the most SCM cards with 8 while Hayato Sakamoto was second with 7.  I think Ohtani is tied for third with Ami Inamura.

Ohtani's first SCM card was in SCM #97 that was published in January of 2013.  The 2013 BBM Rookie Edition set included two cards of Ohtani that had a card number of 42 - one showing him "pitching" and one showing him "batting". This SCM card is a promo version of the "pitching" card.  I believe this is the first card ever issued for him as it came out a couple weeks before the set was published.  This is facsimile autograph parallel version of the card:

SCM #206
His second SCM card is the only one I don't actually own but David Saba shared an image of his card with me a few years back.  This card was in SCM #98 which came out in March of 2013 and is a promo version of his rookie card from the 2013 BBM 1st Version set (#183).  This is also the facsimile autograph version of the card:

SCM #208
His next SCM card is the only one that is an "original" card rather than a promo card.  2014 is the only year since 2009 that BBM didn't do some sort of "cross" set with their flagship sets or their team sets (or both).  Instead BBM issued a 36 card set through SCM called "Cosmic Cross".  Each issue of SCM in 2014 included 12 total insert card - six of which were "Cosmic Cross" cards.  Ohtani's card from this set was included in SCM #103 which came out in January of 2014:

SCM #225
The following issue (#104 that was published in March of 2014) contained promo cards for Ohtani's cards in the 2014 BBM 1st Version set.  As they did in the 2013 Rookie Edition set, BBM included two different cards with the same number (#137) in the 2014 1st Version set - one with him pitching and the other with him hitting.  SCM included a promo version of both cards:

SCM #242

SCM #243
After including five cards of Ohtani in the eight issues of the magazine (and 42 cards) between SCM #98 in January, 2013 and SCM #104 in March, 2014, it would be another two years before they included another card for him.  SCM #116, published in March of 2016, included a promo version of Ohtani's card (#04) from the 2016 edition of BBM's annual Icons box set.  The theme that year was "Speed":

SCM #365
This was the final SCM card for Ohtani as BBM would stop publishing the magazine after issue #121 in January, 2017.

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