SCM Insert Checklist

This is a list (in progress) of all the insert cards in Sports Card Magazine (SCM) since their debut issue in 1996.  Some comments to keep in mind:

- "Month/Year" refers to the date that the magazine went on sale, not (necessarily) the cover date.  For example, issue #106 has a cover date of September 2014 but it hit the newstands in July.
- "Card Number" refers to the "SCM Original Card" number on the card.  This is not to be confused with the number of the card from the set it's related to.  For example, issue #105 included a promo version of the card of Eiji Sawamura from the 80th Anniversary Pitchers Edition set.  Sawamura's card in that set was 01 and that number appears on the back of the promo card.  But the promo card is also numbered "SCM Original Card #254".  Not every card has an SCM number.  As far as I can tell, they were not numbered up until issue #13 in January of 1999.  The cards were then skip numbered up until issue #68 in March of 2008.  Since that issue, all SCM cards have had numbers.  I've only filled in the entry if I know for sure that it is unnumbered or I know for sure what the number is.  I could guess on some of the empty entries but I'd prefer to confirm it.
- "Set" is the set that the card is related to.  Frequently the cards are "original SCM designs" and aren't actually related to a set.  My knowledge of BBM's sets is pretty much limited to baseball sets so a great deal of the wrestling or football (soccer) sets are unknown to me (they're also not of much interest).
- "Type" is the kind of card the insert it.  I've come up with five categories: Original (new design just for SCM), Promo (promotional card for upcoming set identical to the card in the set except for maybe a color variation), Bonus (extra cards for a new or recently released set), Variant (new version of an existing card for a set) and Reprint (reprint of a card identical except for the SCM logo).  Like the "Set" field, if the card is for a non-baseball player, it's difficult for me to figure out what type of card it is.

Sports Card Magazine includes a checklist of the SCM cards with each issue.  Beyond the fact that it's in Japanese, I had a couple issues with their list:  it's unnumbered, it doesn't indicate any information about the card design and I think it's incomplete.  I've come across at least one card that does not appear in the list (SCM #68 has five insert cards but the checklist only indicates four).

The sources I've used to put together this list includes the Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Jambalaya's SCM listings, and the SCM back issue listings at BBM's website.  I've also used items from my own collection as well as Ryan's.  UPDATE - I've got at least the name for every card but one by using this site.

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