Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sports Card Magazine #116

Instead of writing the paragraphs I used to write on these, I'm going to try a bullet point outline.

Color Section:
- Summary of Yoshinobu Takahashi's BBM baseball cards (3 pages0
- Contest(?) (2 pages)
- Ads for 1st Version (2 pages), Eagles, Giants, Marines, Tigers, Icons - Speed (1 page each), Dragons Dash, Fighters 2016 Opening, Dragons Gate (Pro Wrestling) and Japan Way (Japan National Rugby Team set) (1/2 page each)

Monthly "Bests":
Best Card Of This Month:  2016 BBM Rookie Edition Louis Okoye red parallel facsimile autograph card
Best Item Of This Month:  2016 BBM Rookie Edition box

Hot Card Lists
1. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Louis Okoye (#051)
2. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Shinnosuke Ogasawara (#094)
3. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Taiga Hirosawa (#020)
4. 2013 BBM 1st Version Shohei Ohtani (#183)
5. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Shun Takayama (#081)
6. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Junpei Takahashi (#001)
7. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Kenta Uehara (#012)
8. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Toshiki Sakurai (#066)
9. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Juri Hara (#060)
10. 2011 BBM 1st Version Tetsuya Yamada (#265)

Autograph & Memorabilia:
1. 2016 BBM 24karat Yoshinobu Takahashi Patch card
2. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Louis Okoye red parallel facsimile autograph card
3. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Louis Okoye Exchange card (I think these are sent in for an autographed card)
4. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Shinnosuke Ogasawara red parallel facsimile autograph card
5. 2016 BBM Rookie Edition Shinnosuke Ogasawara Exchange card
6. 2016 BBM Retirement Set Masahiro Yamamoto Autograph card
7. 2016 Sumo set Chiyonofuji Mitsugu Autograph card
8. 2016 BBM Fighting Spirit 3 Joichiro Tatsuyoshi Autograph card
9. 2016 BBM Chess On Ice Ayumi Ogasawara Autograph card
10. 2015-16 Japan National Football Team Keisuke Honda "Big Patch Jersey" card

"Newsprint" Section:
- New foreign players (2 pages)
- New Release info contains checklist for Calbee Series One along with some info on some MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL issues (all US releases)
- New Card List contains checklists for 1st Version, Eagles, Giants, Marines, Tigers, Icons - Speed, Dragons Dash, Fighters 2016 Opening, Dragons Gate and Japan Way sets (all the sets that had the full color ads listed earlier)
- "Vintage" Checklist and Price Guide is for BBM baseball issues (as well as recent sets for all sports)

SCM Original Cards:
Tetsuto Yamada 1st Version promo card
Louis Okoye Eagles promo card
Yoshinobu Takahashi Giants promo card
Shohei Ohtani Icons - Speed promo card
Kazuhiro Kotoshigiku Sumo bonus/variant card
Ayumu Goromaru Japan Way promo card

SCM #362

SCM #366

SCM #367

- The Kotoshigiku sumo card is kind of an oddball.  He was originally card #06 in the sumo set which I think is numbered according to the rankings of the wrestlers.  From his wikipedia page, it looks he moved up in the rankings in January so the SCM card is #03 in the sumo set.  Does that make sense?

- I got a purple facsimile autograph parallel of the Goromaru card

- Most of the items in the "newsprint" section are difficult for the non-Japanese reader like myself to figure out but one item did stand out - BBM and Nippon Ham are teaming up to produce a set of cards for the Fighters that will be distributed with Nippon Ham's "Home Run Sausage" products starting April 20th.  I think there are 68 possible cards in the set.  Details are here.


SumoMenkoMan said...

What do you know about the JSCA? The magazine just has a phone number and address. No website and I couldn't find anything online. Curious on how they became the authority in Japan on prices.

SumoMenkoMan said...

The regular cards are numbered according to their ranking in the November 2015 tournament. Kotoshoguku was the #6 ranked wrestler that tournament so got the #6 card. I'm unsure as why he is #3 on his SCM card. I got done looking though this issue. Pretty interesting....going to keep my cards sealed for now in the magazine.

Yobidashi said...

When it comes to the facsimile autograph parallels, i.e. foil signature cards, do you have any idea about how many are released in a print run? Thanks for any light you might be able to shine on this.

NPB Card Guy said...

Sorry, but I really can't tell you much about them. The only thing I can tell from the magazine itself is that the "less rare" parallels is supposedly worth twice as much as the regular cards while the "more rare" parallels is worth five to eight times as much. I'm sure that implies something about the odds of pulling one from the print run but my statistical skills are pretty rusty these days.