Monday, January 30, 2017

Sports Card Magazine #121

Sports Card Magazine #121 was published last Friday.  Here's my summary:

Color Section:

- Three page interview with Seigi Tanaka, top draft pick of the Hawks
- Two page spread showing "cheki" photograph cards from the new "Shining Venus" Woman Athlete set - I think every athlete in the set is featured on the pages.
- Ads for Rookie Edition (2 pages), "Farewell" (1 page), Shining Venus (1 page), Fast Break 1st Half (Basketball) (2 pages),  Japan National Team (Football) Special Edition (1 page), Sumo (1 page) and True Heart (Women's Pro Wrestling) (1 page) sets

Monthly "Bests":
Best Card Of This Month: 2016 BBM Fusion Ami Inamura Autograph Card
Best Item Of This Month:  2017 BBM Rising Sun box

Hot Card Lists
1. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shun Takayama (#238)
2. 2016 BBM 1st Version Eigoro Mogi (#158)
3. 2013 BBM 1st Version Shohei Ohtani (#183)
4. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shota Imanaga (#318)
5. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shinnosuke Ogasawara (#292)
6. 2016 BBM 1st Version Masataka Yoshida (#126)
7. 2016 BBM 1st Version Louis Okoye (#156)
8. 1993 BBM Ichiro Suzuki (#239)
9. 2016 BBM 1st Version Taiga Hirosawa (#075)
10. 2016 BBM 1st Version Shinnosuke Shigenobu (#210)

Autograph & Memorabilia:
1. 2017 BBM Rising Sun Shohei Ohtani Autograph card
2. 2016 BBM Fusion Ami Inamura Autograph card
3. 2017 BBM Time Travel 1975 Hiromi Iwasaki Autograph card
4. 2016 BBM Masterpiece Naoko Takahashi Autograph card
5. 2016 BBM Masterpiece Kosuke Kitajima Autograph card
6. 2017 BBM Rising Sun Hayato Sakamoto Bat card
7. 2017 BBM Rising Sun Shohei Ohtani "The Prime 3D" card
8. 2016 BBM Masterpiece Kazu Autograph card
9. 2016 BBM Masterpiece Kyoko Iwasaki Autograph card
10. 2016 Epoch Carp Stars & Legends Seiya Suzuki Autograph card

"Newsprint" Section:
- Five page interview with someone that looks like a review of all the 2016 BBM issues (at least the baseball ones)
- "Card Shop Navi" for Mint Kashii
- Box Break Contest - four collectors open boxes of Fusion and Time Travel 1975 and compare the hits
- New Card List contains checklists for the sets advertised in the color section
- "Vintage" Checklist and Price Guide is for Sumo and other sports along with recent cards for all sports

SCM Original Cards:

Six promo cards for the new Rookie Edition set - Seigi Tanaka (Hawks), Chihaya Sasaki (Marines), Tatsuya Imai (Lions), Shoma Fujihira (Eagles), Naruki Terashima (Swallows) and Yuya Yanagi (Dragons)

SCM #394

SCM #396

- There's still not much information out about new BBM baseball issues for 2017.

- The first issue of SCM for each year seems to always be about Rookie Edition.  I'm mused that this year's Rookie Edition cards have the players framed by triangles when last year's set had them framed in circles.  We should start a pool for predicting next year's set - squares?  Trapezoids?  Hexagons?


SumoMenkoMan said...

I just got mine in the mail today. We should start our own Japanese baseball box break challenge..get 4 collectors and we could decide points base on # of base cards, inserts, parallels, autographs. Maybe do something quarterly...would be fun to have an informal challenge with a winner every quarter...maybe at the end of the year the "losers" can pitch in to buy the winner a box of something.

SumoMenkoMan said...

Have you heard when issue #122 is coming out? I keep checking BBM's website and they don't have it listed....which is unusual since it comes out this time during the odd months. They don't even have it projected to come out on their calendar....or maybe I am missing it.

NPB Card Guy said...

Haven't seen anything and I'm puzzled too.