Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 BBM Farewell Set

One of the sets I got from Ryan the other day is my first BBM set for 2014 - the "Farewell" set.  This is the fourth annual edition of this set which is dedicated to the players who retired at the end of the previous season.  This used to be an annual subset in either the 1st or 2nd Version sets (or both) but BBM started doing a separate box set for this theme in 2011.

Ryan did a post on this set last month where he mentions that the set's official name is "Sekibetsu Kyuujin" which he says roughly translates to "Regret at Parting Ball Players".  Maybe we should call this set "Sorry Goodbye" instead.

This year's edition features 21 players on 27 cards.  Six players have more than one card in the set - Shijnjiro Hiyama, Kazuhisa Ishii, Tomonori Maeda, Shinya Miyamoto, Kazumi Saitoh and Takeshi Yamasaki.  The picture used for the player may have been taken any time during his career - I think BBM tries to get the player shown with their most representative team.  So Takayuki Shinohara is shown as a Fukuoka Daiei Hawk even though he played his last four years with the Baystars (and the Hawks haven't been owned by Daiei since 2004).

Here are some sample cards.  As always, you can see the whole set at Jambalaya.





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Ryan G said...

I saw some farewell greeting cards in the store that said something like Welcome to Your New Life. That was quite entertaining.