Thursday, March 27, 2014

All Future And No Past

This has nothing to do with baseball cards but it's Opening Day in Japan and I thought it might be fun to put together a consensus of pre-season picks by people who know much more than I do about NPB.

Jason Coskrey John Gibson Jim Allen Beisbol Japanes Tsuyoshi Oshita Masaru Uno Takahiro Tokutsu Susumu Otomo Yukinaga Maeda Hideki Asai
Central 1 Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants
2 Carp Carp Carp Carp Carp Carp Tigers Carp Carp Dragons
3 Tigers Baystars Swallows Dragons Tigers Dragons Carp Dragons Baystars Tigers
4 Swallows Tigers Tigers Baystars Dragons Tigers Baystars Tigers Tigers Swallows
5 Baystars Dragons Baystars Tigers Baystars Baystars Dragons Baystars Dragons Baystars
6 Dragons Swallows Dragons Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows Carp
Pacific 1 Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Eagles
2 Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Marines Fighters Marines Hawks
3 Marines Lions Marines Fighters Marines Marines Eagles Lions Eagles Buffaloes
4 Lions Marines Buffaloes Marines Lions Buffaloes Lions Eagles Lions Marines
5 Buffaloes Buffaloes Lions Lions Buffaloes Lions Buffaloes Buffaloes Fighters Lions
6 Fighters Fighters Fighters Buffaloes Fighters Fighters Fighters Marines Buffaloes Fighters

Taking the average predicted finish for each team give the following crowd-sourced prediction:

Central League:
Giants 1
Carp 2.5
Tigers 3.6
Dragons 4.2
Baystars 4.4
Swallows 5.3

Pacific League:
Hawks 1.1
Eagles 2.3
Marines 3.4
Lions 4.2
Buffaloes 4.8
Fighters 5.2

And in case you're wondering about the title of the post, it's the name of the best song about Opening Day ever by the Baseball Project:

Sources: Jason Coskrey, John Gibson's Central League and Pacific League picks, Beisbol Japanes, and the Tokyo Sports predictions from Yakyu Baka. Jim Allen's picks came from last week's Japan Baseball Weekly podcast.

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