Saturday, March 22, 2014

Owners League Pack Busting

I'm not a big collector of either the Konami or Bandai game cards but I had an opportunity to pick up a couple packs of Bandai's Owners League cards in the last few months so I grabbed them just to see what they looked like.

The first pack I got was back in January.  It was from last year's set - I think it was Series 1.  Until I actually opened the packs, I did not know how many cards were in the pack.  It turns out there were three:

I'd say the most interesting thing in this pack was the card on the far right - it's a "Legend" card of Takenori Emoto.  But the two regular cards are attractive even if the players aren't particularly notable.

The other packs I picked up were two from 2012.  These were also from Series 1 and each contained three cards apiece:

Another uninspiring group of players but the cards themselves aren't too bad.  I like the larger photo from the 2013 cards a little more than the 2012s.

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