Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yet More New BBM Sets

Information on five new BBM sets hit the web this past week:

- Lasr year BBM did a box set called "Icons - Hope" that contained cards of what BBM felt were the most hopeful young players for each team (24 players in all - two per team).  This year the "Icons" set is back with a new theme - "Big Guns".  The box set features 28 cards (27 "regular" cards plus a "special" card - possible autograph or die-cut cards) showcasing power hitters for all the teams.  If BBM puts it together like last year's set, the set will contain 24 single player cards (two per team) and three combination cards.  It will be released in late March.

- BBM's latest single player set is for Shota Dobayashi of the Carp.  The box set (entitled "Breakout") contains 28 cards - as usual this is 27 cards for the base set and one "special" card.  The "special" card could be a foil autograph card, a bat card or I think a real autograph done a card that uses a "Carp design from yesteryear".  I think the possibilities for that card design are the Carp sets from 2004, 2006 or 2007.  The set will be out in late March.

- BBM announced the first team sets for the year - the Hawks, the Swallows and the Carp.  At 90 and 81 cards respectively, the Hawks and Swallows base sets appear to be a little smaller than what's been the normal size of the non-Giants or Tigers team sets recently.  The Carp base set is the expected 99 cards.  The Hawks and Swallows sets will be out in late March.  The Carp set will be out in mid-April.

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