Sunday, June 1, 2008

Card Of The Week June 1

Here's an example of some detective work that guys like Gary Engel have had to do to figure out details about a card. I won a couple old bromide cards on eBay a few months ago. One of them was this card of Hall Of Famer Kaoru Betto. It's not in Engel's "Japanese Baseball Card Checklist and Price Guide" (or at least not the edition I have), so I don't know the manufacturer. Can I figure out at least what year this card is from?

I picked up a book last year that BBM published a few years ago called "The History Of Uniform" which shows every uniform worn in Japanese professional baseball from the 1934 to 2005. So checking the book, I see that the uniform in the picture was worn by the Tigers from 1945 to 1948. Betto only played for the Tigers in 1948 and 1949, so it looks like the picture at least is from 1948.


Anonymous said...

Now that is a really cool find.

Anonymous said...

Check out Yahoo Japan Auctions...and you'll find a bunch more!