Saturday, July 11, 2009

This And That

A couple items:

- I'm pretty convinced now that Lotte Bikkuriman is not issuing Pro Yakyu stickers this year. I've seen nothing on their website. I asked Deanna Rubin about them and she hasn't seen them either. So one less collecting option (although think of the calories you'll save!)

- Deanna let me know about something new BBM has been issuing this year - figurines for the Dragons, BayStars, Tigers and Fighters. Actually, these aren't new - BBM did them last year at least - but this year's issue includes baseball cards. Deanna was kind enough to take a couple pictures of what she's gotten and gave me permission to post them.

This first picture shows the Kazuyoshi Tatsunami figurine, along with the accompanying card and the box it came in. This is actually the "mystery" figurine for the Dragons set as it shows him as a rookie (in 1988):

This is the Sho Nakata figurine with accompanying paraphernalia from the Fighters set:

Here's the front and back of a couple of the cards:

These resemble the Corinthian "Headliner" figurines produced for MLB from the mid-90's until 2006 or so. Like the last couple years of the MLB ones, you can't tell who the figurine is for until you open the box.

(Thanks to Deanna for the pictures and the information!)

- The latest Prestige Collectibles auction started the Thursday and runs until July 21.


Anonymous said...

any clue on how to go about getting these?

NPB Card Guy said...


You might try contacting Prestige Collectibles.

Deanna said...

if you're in Japan, you can go to some Mint stores and even pick out whichever players you want (but you'll pay a premium -- IIRC Doala went for around 900 yen, for the Fighters Hichori was like 750 yen, things like that, plus another 100-200 yen for the insert card.)

outside Japan, I don't really know...