Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ever since I started this blog, I would occasionally get people posting comments that were essentially ads for cards they were selling. Since I kind of viewed that as a sort of spam, I started moderating the comments (well, that was one of the reasons I started but it was also because of the real spam) and rejecting most of these comments. But the more I've been thinking about it lately, the more I think that was a mistake.

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to reach out to collectors of Japanese baseball cards living in the States. What better end could this blog serve than to give those collectors a spot to connect and buy/sell/trade cards among themselves?

So here's what I'm proposing: once a month, I will publish a "swapmeet" post. If you've got something you want to sell or trade or there's something that you're looking for, add a comment to that post stating what you've got, what you're looking for and how to contact you.

Some simple rules:

1. Only Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cards

2. I will accept no responsibility for anyone else's behavior. I'm not planning on rating buyers and sellers or banning anyone from posting. There's a whole other site out there that does that better than I ever will.

3. Only leave these comments on the swapmeet posts.

This might be stupid idea. This might be a great idea. I don't know, but I figure it's worth trying. Hopefully, I won't make too many people angry. We can modify things as we go or just abandon the whole thing if it's not working. And I'm open to any suggestions that anyone has.

Anyway, I'll list what I'm looking for and what I've got to trade and sell:

Want list:

I'm looking for a few cards from the 1995-2000 regular BBM sets. I need a bunch of cards for the 2003-06 BBM 1st Version sets and the 2005 BBM 2nd Version set. I need a handful of cards from the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set. I need the Ochiai and Kazuo Matsui Century Best 9 inserts from the 2001 BBM Preview set.

I'd also like to find the 2002 BBM Japanese National Team box set.

What I've got for sale or trade:

I'm kind of disorganized at the moment on what I've got sitting here in my office. (I've been trying to find some 1993 Tomy cards for a couple weeks for someone.) I have singles available for the BBM regular sets from 1992-2001, 1st Version sets from 2002-2006 and 2nd Version sets from 2002-2005. I also have a lot of singles available from the 2000 BBM 20th Century Best 9 set, the 2006 BBM Dragons 70th Anniversary set and a couple of team sets from 2003-2006. I have some Calbee cards from the 1970's and 1980's and a handful of Yamakatsu cards from the late 70's. Oh, yeah, and somewhere I've got some 1993 Tomy cards!

I can be reached at

I'm going to publish two comments here that I've been holding in limbo for a month or so. I apologize to the original posters, but it's taken me a while to decide what I wanted to do.


Anonymous said...

When I was stationed in japan I put together the 1991 set by buying packs, i also picked up the sub set for that year, and won all the team holograms with an insert prize card. My question is : how much is all this worth, and does anyone want to buy it? all cards and all team Holograms are in mint/near mint straight from pack to box condition. My e-mail address is thanks

Anonymous said...

I need this card for my set. Do you happen to have any 1994 BBM's? If you do could we may be work on some trading?. Please let me know? I have extra 1994 BBM's and 1993 Tomy I.D's too if interested. Thank you.


Deanna said...

You know, if you have some specific things you are looking for, I go to card shops from time to time and could hunt and peck in some old boxes for you to see what they have. I don't really have anything in particular I collect except Yukio Tanaka cards, Fighters cards, and of course college baseball cards.

NPB Card Guy said...

Thanks for the offer Deanna. I have kind of a big list, so I'll see what I can do to not overwhelm you or take advantage of your generosity.

sports fanatic said...

I am interested in collecting any foreign or American player cards from BBM, Calbee, Tomy ID, & Power League. I do have many cards from BBM in 1991, 92 and 93 if anyone is interested. Thanks,


My email address is:

Jason Presley said...

I need one last Hensley Meulens card from Japan, it was issued as part of an uncut menko sheet in 1994:

1994 Chiba Lotte Marines Menko 6641032

Gary Engel's guide puts it as fairly rare (less than 100 copies known to exist), so I know it won't be easy to track down, but I'd really like a copy and would drop up to $25 on the one card.

I'm also interested in any stadium issue cards of Tuffy Rhodes from the Buffaloes (don't know if there were any for his years with the Giants).

All the cards listed in my Sportlots store are up for trade. Lots of Japanese stuff included.


Sean said...

This is a really good idea. I'm afraid I don't have anybody's specific "wanted" items, but....

I am currently putting together the 2010 Calbee set one bag of chips at a time. Naturally I've gotten a few doubles. If anybody else is also putting the set together maybe we can put our want lists side by side and work out some mutually beneficial trades by mail (I'm in Japan).

Actually, it would probably be best to do this once they've stopped selling the things after the season, otherwise we'll just end up paying to mail cards that we'll end up getting in packs later.

At any rate, email:

Anonymous said...

i got kazuo matsui century 9 card

NPB Card Guy said...

I have it too now - thanks!