Friday, August 14, 2015

Upcoming Stuff

I was just about to do a post this week about wondering why BBM even bothered having a web site anymore since they hadn't updated it in over a month when they suddenly updated it for a couple sets that will be out shortly.  So let me get caught up here on the soon to be released sets...

- BBM's last update until last week was for this year's second cheerleader/dance team set - the Dancing Heroine - Mai set.  This is a 96 card set featuring cards of the cheerleader and dance teams for ten of the 12 NPB teams (the Carp and Baystars teams are not included).  The set actually came out a couple weeks ago.

- BBM will be releasing several team box sets later this month.  There's the Carp Authentic Edition (due out August 21st), the Dragons Autographed Edition (released on August 26) and the Tigers Authentic Edition (due out August 27th).  There are 27 cards in the base set for the Carp and Dragons sets and 18 in the Tigers set.  The Dragons set also contains an autographed card while the Carp and Tigers sets contain either an autograph or memorabilia card.  The Tigers set features pitchers only.

- Epoch is releasing their first box set dedicated to an active team - the Baystars Game Used Uniform Edition - this coming November.  The set will contain 17 cards - 16 in the base set and a "special" card that could be a memorabilia card or an autograph card.


Ryan G said...

Now that all the team sets and both versions of the flagship are out, this is that time of year that BBM has yet to fill with anything good.

September would be a good place for some nice nostalgic-themed sets, like the Foreigners and No-Hitters sets of before. BBM, if you're listening, email me. I have some great ideas.

NPB Card Guy said...

I had some hopes for some OB sets this season - a Fighters 70th Anniversary set, a All Star Game Memories 00's set or/and maybe a BBM 25th Anniversary set - but it's not looking good.

I may be wrong but it seems that there's fewer sets this year than last. Front Runner has only done four sets this year after doing 11 last year and BBM hasn't done much beyond their annual sets. Maybe things will pick up in the fall.