Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mail Day!

I wanted to do a quick post about a couple cards I got in the mail yesterday.  First up is another custom card from Gio of "When Topps Had Balls" showing Isao Harimoto using the 1979 Topps design which will go well with the 1971 Nagashima and 1977 Oh cards I got from him last summer:

Gio also sent me a preview of what his next NPB custom will be but swore me to secrecy.  I'll just say that it's awesome and I can't wait until he prints it up.

The other card I got was a little outside of my usual space - it's the Topps Now card of Shohei Ohtani receiving word about his AL MVP award while sitting on his couch with his dog.  I don't have many MLB cards anymore but I couldn't resist getting this when I saw it (and apparently neither could 37,584 other people).  

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