Sunday, February 25, 2024

Card Of The Week February 25

After 11 seasons away with the Dodgers and Blue Jays, Ryu Hyun-jin is returning to South Korea and the Hanwha Eagles,  He signed an eight year deal with his former team this past week.

Ryu left Korea for the majors before the 2013 season which was before Ntreev Duael got the official license to do KBO cards and released their "Super Star Baseball" sets.  So the only card I know of that shows him with Hanwha is from the unlicensed 2010 KBO Game Set.  I would expect that he will end up in whatever KBO sets get issued this year.

Since I don't collect MLB cards, the only cards I own of Ryu are WBC cards from 2009 and the afore-mentioned KBO card.  I have three cards of him and each one is from a different country:

2009 Bowman Sterling - WBC Relics #BCR-HRR

2009 Konami Baseball Heroes World Baseball Classic #W09R126

2010 KBO Game Set #AH002

I like how both he's in essentially the same pose on both the Konami WBC and the KBO Game set cards.  I was also amused that the photo on the back of the Konami card appears to be the same as the front of the Bowman Sterling card:

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