Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2009 World Baseball Classic Card Wrap Up

OK, maybe I'm being too optimistic here, but I'm guessing that Topps has finally finished making World Baseball Classic sets for the 2009 games. So here's a wrap up on what all they produced last year.

There were 10 sets in all:

- a 55 card box set
- a 20 card insert set with Bowman
- a 25 card insert set with Topps 2
- a 10 card "Redemption" set
- a 13 card eTopps set
- a 5 card Allen & Ginters Box Topper set
- a 100 card Topps Chrome insert set
- a 40 card Bowman Chrome insert set
- a 3 card subset in the Topps Update set
- a 35 card subset/insert set in the Bowman Draft Picks And Prospects set

That's a total of 306 cards, not all of which were of Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez. (And that's not counting the two 8 card promo sheets given away at Pool A and C games in Tokyo and Toronto respectively.)

For the victorious Japanese team, there were 50 cards that represented 21 of the 29 players who saw action during the WBC (plus a patch card from the eTopps set). Here's a listing of the players on the roster and their cards (for the Allen & Ginter cards, each card gets counted twice since there are two player "cards" on each card):

Abe, ShinnosukeBox Set #7, Bowman #BW6, Topps Chrome #W44
Aoki, NorichikaA&G CB4 (shown above), Topps Chrome #W78, Bowman Chrome #BCW21, Bowman Draft Picks #BDPW35, eTopps #8
Darvish, YuBox Set #1, Bowman #BW1, Topps 2 #BCS7, Redemption #7, Topps Chrome #W1,Bowman Draft Picks #BDPW2, eTopps #1
Fujikawa, KyujiBowman Chrome #BCW39
Fukudome, KosukeBox Set #26, Topps Chrome #W61
Inaba, AtsunoriNo cards
Ishihara, YoshiyukiTopps Chrome #W39
Iwakuma, HisashiA&G CB5, Topps Chrome #W22, Bowman Chrome #BCW22, eTopps #11
Iwamura, AkinoriBox Set #42, Topps Chrome #W89
Iwata, MinoruNo cards
Johjima, KenjiBox Set #54, Topps Chrome #W8
Kamei, YoshiyukiNo cards
Kataoka, YasuyukiNo cards
Kawasaki, MunenoriBowman Draft Picks #BDPW11
Komatsu, SatoshiNo cards
Kurihara, KentaNo cards
Mahara, TakahiroBowman Chrome #BCW47
Matsuzaka, DaisukeBox Set #9, Redemption #10, A&G CB4 (shown above), Topps Chrome #W24, Bowman Draft Picks #BDPW22
Murata, ShuichiTopps 2 #BCS22, Topps Chrome #W45, Bowman Chrome #BCW28
Nakajima, HiroyukiTopps 2 #BCS4, Topps Chrome #W62, Bowman Chrome #BCW48
Ogasawara, MichihiroTopps Chrome #W28 (shown below), Bowman Chrome #BCW45
Sugiuchi, ToshiyaBowman Chrome #BCW57
Suzuki, IchiroBox Set #29, Topps 2 #BCS5, A&G CB5, Topps Chrome #W4,Bowman Draft Picks #BDPW1, eTopps #9
Tanaka, MasahiroTopps Chrome #W37, Bowman Chrome #BCW30
Uchikawa, SeiichiTopps Chrome #W66, Bowman Draft Picks #BDPW34
Utsumi, TetsuyaNo cards
Wakui, HideakiNo cards
Watanabe, ShunsukeTopps Chrome #W31, Bowman Chrome #BCW58
Yamaguchi, TetsuyaTopps Chrome #W34
Patch cardeTopps #13

This (obviously) does not include the cards Konami produced in Japan for the WBC. I suspect that they produced a complete team set for the Japanese team, but the cards are going for much more than I want to pay for them on eBay.

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Dan Skrezyna said...

I'm just seeing this post now while searching for something else. I just uploaded the 2009 eTopps WBC World Baseball Classic checklist here:

1 Yu Darvish Japan
2 David Wright United States
3 Jin-Young Lee Korea
4 Frederich Cepeda Cuba
5 Derek Jeter United States
6 Yulieski Gourriel Cuba
7 Gift Ngoepe South Africa
8 Norichika Aoki Japan
9 Ichiro Suzuki Japan
10 Dae-Ho Lee Korea
11 Hisashi Iwakuma Japan
12 Tae-Kyun Kim Korea
13 Japan Champions Japan